Southeastern Idaho Public Health

Board of Health

Each of the seven health districts in the state of Idaho are governed by a District Board of Health which is vested with the "authority, control and supervision of the district health department" as set forth in Idaho Code. The Southeastern Idaho Public Health Board of Health consists of eight voting members, one from each of the counties we serve. Board members are appointed to a 5-year term by their respective Board of County Commissioners, and must be confirmed by a majority vote of all the county commissioners of all the counties located within the health district. Per Idaho Code 39-414, the Board of Health has the authority to "administer and enforce all state and district health laws, regulations, and standards", and "To do all things required for the preservation and protection of the public health". The Board appoints a District Director to administer the day-to-day activities of the District, as well as carrying out the policies and directives of the Board.

Howard Manwaring - Bannock County

Mr. Manwaring is currently serving a second term as Bannock County Commissioner. He retired from the Bannock County Sheriff's Office prior to running for public office. During his career he worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, Patrolman, Juvenile Officer, Child Protection Investigator and Detective. He has also spent more than 20 years working as a POST certified instructor, teaching about Drugs, Addiction and Violence. He continues to teach for Idaho State University Law Enforcement program.

Vaughn Rasmussen, Vice Chair - Bear Lake County

Mr. Rasmussen is currently serving a fourth term as Bear Lake County Commissioner. He is an Idaho native born and raised in the wonderful state of Idaho. He has been employed by Rocky Mountain Power for the past 35 years and currently is the director of operations for Idaho and Northern Utah. He is the chairman of the Bear Lake Regional commission. He is active in his church and has served in various Boy Scout positions in the church, District and on the Council. He was an EMT for 14 years, helped organized the Bear Lake water rescue team and currently serves as a member of the Bear Lake County Search and Rescue. He was the first president of the Oregon Trail Center in Montpelier.

Whitney Manwaring - Bingham County

Whitney grew up on a dairy farm in Groveland with his parents, Fred and Dolores, and four siblings. He and his wife of 33 years, Ginette, have four children and six grandchildren. He attended Groveland Elementary and Blackfoot Junior and Senior High schools where he was actively involved in Future Farmer’s of American and received the state Star Farmer Award. In that respect, not much has changed over the past few decades as he continues to operate a 120-acre family farm with cattle, horses and sheep.
In 1987, Whitney began working as a volunteer with the Blackfoot Fire Department and in 1990 became a full time Fire Fighter and Advanced EMT. In 2011, he retired from the Department to fill his new role as Bingham County Commissioner. As a Commissioner Whitney enjoys serving on the Boards of Blackfoot Urban Renewal Agency, the Chamber of Commerce, the Tri County 3B Detention Facility and also the Board of Guardians that deals with indigent matters for the surrounding areas. He serves as Chair of the 5th District Board of Commissioners, the Chair of the Bingham County Transportation Coalition and takes primary responsibility for the County Buildings and Grounds as well as the Road and Bridge Departments.
Whitney feels that his life and work experience has given him an understanding of the challenges faced by both City and County Governments and that his common sense and ability to be a good listener has helped bring people together to effectively problem solve. He loves Southeast Idaho and the community that he grew up in and I hopes that as Commissioner he has contributed in some way to keeping this area the same great place to live and work that has kept him and his family here and happy these many years.

Susan Collins - Butte County

Mrs. Collins has lived in the Lost River Valley most of her life, and has worked at the Lost Rivers Medical Center since 1993 as a Medical Technologist and x-ray technician. She managed the x-ray department until the two departments were separated, and has been the manager of the laboratory since 2003. In 2009, she began managing the x-ray department again. She has been an Advanced EMT since 1991, and a member of the National Ski Patrol since 1992. She currently serves as a member of the Butte County LEPC and the Southeastern District Regional Planning group for hospital emergency preparedness since 2005.

Phil Christensen - Caribou County

Mr. Christensen is currently serving as a Caribou County Commissioner. He has served in this capacity since 2009. Prior to serving as a Commissioner, he worked for Caribou City Road and Bridge for 26 years as an Equipment Operation and Assistant Supervisor. In addition to his work as a Commissioner, he also operates a local farm.

Scott Workman - Franklin County

Mr. Workman is currently serving his second term as Franklin County Commissioner. He served on the Franklin County Medical Center board as commissioner for two years. He was recently appointed to the ICRMP board for district 5. He lives in the home where he was born and owns and operates the dairy farm. He has added to the family farm and has been farming for 31 years.

Jerry Bush - Oneida County

Mr. Bush served as Oneida County Commissioner from 1989-2005, and as State President of the Idaho Association of Commissioners & Clerks from 1997 to 2000. He was a Co-Founder of the Oneida Education Foundation and served as a board member from 1982 - 1991. He is currently a board member of the Oneida County Fair Board and the Oneida County Farm Bureau, serves as Board Chairman of the Malad Valley Theater Guild, and is a member of the Idaho State Legislative Committee. In March of 2003, he was inducted into the Agriculture Hall of Fame.

Ken Estep, Chair and Trustee - Power County

Mr. Estep is a former Power County Commissioner, and served on several boards during that time, including: Landfill, Emergency Services, Ambulance, and Tribal Relations. He is currently the President of the Power County Historical Society. He serves on the Resource Advisory Council Board for the Bureau of Land Management of Eastern Idaho, and is a board member on the Power County Development Authority. Mr. Estep also has a farm and ranch in Arbon Valley.

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