Southeastern Idaho Public Health

Recovery Support Services Subcommittee

Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 1:00pm at the Public Health Department, 1901 Alvin Ricken Dr, Pocatello, ID 83201

Our goal is to create an evidence-based recovery culture by using community recovery support services as an alternative to jail, prison, or residential treatment. We hope to work collaboratively with the judicial system, probation and parole, substance abuse treatment and mental health providers, and the faith-based community to support individuals in recovery.

Objective 1 - Distribute and share information I the recovery support resource directory. The resource directory covers a number of areas needed by those in recovery who may be coming out of community treatment, the judicial system, or who have never sought community services.

Objective 2 - Expand our committee support to enhance recovery support services in Region 6.

Objective 3 - Advocate for additional community support such as housing for men and women, education and job training, classes for social and cognitive skills, and resource coordination.

Objective 4 - Support and encourage training for area churches and clergy who are working with individuals in recovery.

Objective 5 - Continue collaboration-building and education within our community.

  • We have a high regard for the improvements to the recovery culture which have come about through the efforts of problem-solving courts and other innovative programs.
  • We will collaborate with the judicial system of providing recovery support for those in the court system.
  • We will share information with the community on options which may be less costly and more effective for individuals needing recovery support.

Objective 6 - Advocate for a community-wide recovery support plan based upon evidence-based research.

Objective 7 - Continue looking for effective alternatives to prison, jail, and residential treatment when appropriate to save money while still providing effective support for those seeking a life of recovery.

Objective 8 - Advocate for money to provide health services for all people in recovery.

Objective 9 - Support providers in need to simplify billing from state agencies.

Objective 10 - Advocate to legislature for increased funding for community treatment.

Recovery Support Services

Bob Gehrke - Chair
Laurie Brenchley - Admin Assistant
(208) 239-5232

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Agendas & Minutes

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