Southeastern Idaho Public Health

Jean Bokelmann, MD

Dr. Bokelmann, overseeing physician for Southeastern Idaho Public Health, is a Board Certified Physician who joined the SIPH team in January 2013. Dr. Bokelmann brings with her 34 years of experience, including 22 years as a faculty member of the ISU Family Medicine Residency Program. Dr. Bokelmann’s area of focus is women’s health, geriatrics, and integrative medicine. She is passionate about public health because of its broad-reaching approach, and its impact on the health of southeast Idaho residents. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, skiing, and gardening.

Tina Mladenka, DNP, APRN, CNP, WHNP-BC

As a Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Tina Mladenka joined the SIPH Health Care Team in 1997. She has over 30 years of health care experience that includes reproductive health, prenatal care, gynecological care, and primary health care services, as well as RN experience in labor and delivery. Tina taught women’s health care at the ISU School of Nursing for 14 years. She is driven toward public health because of its opportunity to provide current, personalized health care services to clients, regardless of their income, and empower them with education to help them make beneficial choices concerning their reproductive health. Tina appreciates the contributions that all members of the health care team provide to ensure quality patient care at SIPH. She loves the mountains and intermountain west because of the beauty and numerous recreational opportunities she enjoys in her free time.

Virginia Murphy, RN, MSN, FNP-C

Family Practice Nurse Practitioner, Virginia Murphy has been a part of SIPH since 1999 but has been providing nursing care since 1973. Virginia taught at the ISU School of Nursing for over 14 years, and has vast experience in multiple clinics that include free clinics, rural primary care, tribal health, adult mental health, and women’s health. She is very committed to women’s reproductive health and contraceptive services. Virginia believes that access to affordable contraception is an absolute necessity that allows anyone to choose when to have children. She loves working with her co-workers at SIPH to provide quality patient care. In her free time she enjoys spending time in the outdoors with friends and family.

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