Restaurant Inspections

Southeastern Idaho Public Health Inspectors conduct regular inspections of restaurants, taverns, grocery stores, meat markets, farmer's markets, schools, food processors, and other facilities that handle Potentially Hazardous Foods (PHF's) to determine proper hygiene and food handling practices of operators and their employees.

All food facilities receive one unannounced inspection each year. When critical violations are noted during an inspection, they must be corrected immediately or the inspector will have to schedule a follow-up inspection or issue a violation correction report.

Tips for searching Restaurant Inspections
  • RF: Risk Factor
    GRP: Good Retail Practice
    Critical Violations: are potential hazards associated with certain risk factors that are known to have high probability of contributing to food borne illness if not corrected in a timely manner. Time frame for correction of critical violation is 10 days after the inspection.
    VCR: Violation Correction Reports are submitted by the food establishments to document and report the correction of violation(s) identified in a previous routine food inspection. A score of zero indicates that all violations identified have been corrected.
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